About Us

About Us

Julie Gregg is the Director of Jay Gabriel Consulting. She has worked as a Consultant in the public sector since 1993. Originally she joined Ross/Julia Ross (formerly known as Spherion) as a Recruiter where she acquired her initial experience and accreditation in public sector recruiting. During that time she worked for a wide range of State and Federal government departments and agencies.

In 2005 she branched out into her own consultancy practice in the public sector based on the high demand for her services. Over the years she has enjoyed a reputation for producing high quality work and has made some very solid associations with her Government clients over the years. She has acquired a depth of knowledge of the business practices and culture within each of the client organisations. She knows the business at every level from the ground up.

Julie works with a small hand-picked team of sub-contractors who are also skilled and experienced in public sector recruiting. Julie is committed to keeping abreast of the latest developments in merit selection and all NSW Government practices. She and her colleagues undergo regular refresher training. She has trained in the nature of the NSW Workforce Capability Framework. She is trained in Tender Evaluation and Tender Writing. She is an Associate Member of IPPA Institute of Public Administration Australia.

Julie is also a trained Journalist and published author. During the 1980 and 1990s she worked in Medical Press, Trade Press to the level of Magazine Editor and then crossed over to Publishing as a Book Editor. She had arrived in Journalism with a medical background. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Mass Communications Macquarie University 1986.  She and members of her team also offer a wealth of experience in communication of all forms.

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