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Government Recruiters

The company offers a team of experts fully equipped to work on public sector recruitment projects from end to end. The Consultants usually join a project after the client has undertaken their own advertising.

Independent Panel Member

A Consultant will join a project at the shortlisting stage. In the public sector the Consultant may be engaged as an Independent Panel Member who offers their expertise, knowledge and analytical and assessment skills. Depending on client needs they may make an initial assessment of the candidate applications and then meet with the client. More frequently they will form part of a Selection Advisory Committee and work with the client to shortlist, schedule and interview the candidates. They will take part in the discussion and the assessment of all clients. They will formulate questions for interview with or on behalf of the client if needed. (Jay Gabriel Consulting may also manage the interview schedule and contact the candidates selected for interview). The Consultant will attend the interviews and contribute to the final choice of candidate.

Scribing Services

Due to the formal nature of public sector recruiting Government Departments and Agencies also engage the services of 'Scribes' to write up the selection documentation for a recruitment project.

A Scribe may still join the project at shortlisting but unlike a Consultant does not contribute their ideas or opinions during the process. They are responsible only for documenting and recording the Selection Committees' findings. They may write up the Shortlisting, book the candidates for interview and write the Selection Committee Report. They may conduct referee checks on behalf of the Convenor (the person in charge of a Selection Committee within a government department). They therefore attend the interviews but do not take part in questioning or assessing of candidates.

Independent Panel Member/Scribe

A Consultant may also operate as a Scribe for a recruitment project. This saves the Department considerable time and money. In this way the client is able to have the benefit of expertise and knowledge plus being alleviated of the often cumbersome responsibilities of writing the report.

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