Writing Position Descriptions

Writing Position Descriptions

Writing Position Descriptions (PDs) is an art form which few people have truly mastered. Julie is the expert for JGC on position descriptions. With a very strong writing background she added PD writing as another string to her bow in around 2008. In the public sector she has been responsible for conceptualising and creating new PDs from scratch. She is skilled at recalibrating old PDs into new and updated formats. Constant changes to public service roles over the years have required constant updates.

With the introduction of the NSW Workforce Capability Framework Julie has trained to understand this new concept. Equipped with her new knowledge she recently completed aiding the recalibration of most PDs for NSW Aboriginal Housing Office during a significant re-alignment of their structure and services. This project took the better part of 12 months overall!

Julie has also been required to write PDs for the private sector. This has included translating the American versions of job descriptions for the manufacturing arm of a large multinational corporation into local Australian terms. It has required getting a clear grasp of the international and national organizational structures and understanding the differences and similarities between them before writing the PDs. She is indeed highly skilled.

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